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Q, Is Babywearing safe for me and my baby?

A, Absolutely! Babywearing is safe as long as a few important safety rules are observed. The Ticks Method gives clear and easy to understand instructions, click here  to view check sheet.

Q, My baby is a little older, is it too late to start babywearing?

A, It's never too late to start babywearing as long as your child fits within the weight range of the carrier and you can comfortably carry them. We still regularly carry our 3 year old in a toddler carrier, it's especially useful for long days out or holidays.

Q, I have back problems, will I be able to carry my child?

A, Yes, the key here is to find a carrier that distributes your child's weight evenly across your hips and shoulders. Baby wearing should not put a strain on your back with the correct carrier and technique. There are loads of instructional resources available online. 

If you are looking for some help or guidance why not get in touch with us for free no obligation advice from a fully trained Babywearing Consultant.

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