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Cloth Nappy Advice

If you're looking for cloth nappy advice you've come to the right place.

We used reusable nappies for our little boy and even though we faced some negativity from friends and family it's one of the best decisions we made, for us, the environment, our baby and our pockets.  When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to use cloth nappies, I knew I didn't want to be responsible for more waste going to landfill, disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to degrade.

Most (BTP) birth to potty nappies fit from 7-35lbs, with clever popper systems and velcro the length and waist can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

You can choose between an (AIO) all in one nappy or a 2 part system. An all in one nappy has a waterproof outer and an absorbent inner, the whole nappy is designed to be removed when soiled.

A 2 part system consists of a water proof cover which can be wiped and reused for several nappy changes and a nappy pad which is removed and replaced when soiled. 

How many nappies do you need?  Depending on how often you plan to wash your nappies the ideal number is between 15 and 25 AIO or for 2 parts 5  covers and 15-25 pads.

How do you store dirty nappies?  The best way to store dirty nappies is in a lidded bucket with a net, a waterproof (wet) bag also works. There is no need to soak dirty nappies while storing them.

How do you wash reusable nappies?   There are loads of nappy washing guides online but it doesn't need to be complicated. All the nappies we sell come with manufacturers instructions on how to wash your nappies and it's best to follow these. A typical guide is to wash nappies on a 60c with no softener an extra rinse or 2 and a slightly lower spin speed.

It's also worth considering reusable wipes, whether you make your own or buy a set reusable wipes are far superior at cleaning. They can be washed with your nappies and again these are great for the environment and your pocket.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us or pop into our shop for a demo. We love talking about cloth nappies and are passionate about helping people start or continue their cloth journey.

We accept Denbighshire Council nappy vouchers and will hopefully add further schemes in the coming months.

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