Bambu Organic Bamboo Utensil Set


Set of four organic bamboo kitchen utensils from Bambu.

Each utensil has a rounded, comfortable handle and is made from a single piece of organically grown bamboo which is hand shaped and finished with food safe certified organic oil. As each utensil is made from a single piece of bamboo no glue is used in producing these items.

Set includes:
1 x Triple Slotted Spoon
1 x Mixing Spoon
1 x Sauce Spoon
1 x Spatula


Each utensil is approximately 30.5cm long.

Bamboo is super durable, heat and stain resistant and ideal for non stick cookware. 

Wash by hand to prolong the life of your utensil set, avoid soaking and do not microwave.

Certified organic by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). 


Bambu is also B Corp certified which means the company’s business model and entire operations are evaluated to see how they impact their workers, community and environment. In short, B Corporation is to business what Fairtrade certification is to food.