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Janod Green Market Stall

Janod Green Market Stall


We just love the Janod Green Market Stall here. It is such a fantastic role play toy whether playing alone or with siblings/friends. The possibilities are endless with the Janod market stall, from sorting the produce by colours, paying for items encouraging counting to generally building their imagination.  They will love nothing more than selecting their items to perhaps cook in their kitchen later and taking to the checkout to pay. It has the whole shopping experience catered for from start to finish. Setting the clock to show when the Janod market stall is open will become a firm favourite for your little one.


The Janod market stall features a clock, a blackboard sign, box of chalks, six cardboard food boxes, cash register, scales, three apples, three bananas, three strawberries, three carrots, three radishes, three potatoes and three paper shopping bags. With so many features this is a guaranteed hit.


Suitable for 3 years plus 


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