Lavera Organic Toothpaste - Basis Sensitive - Classic - 75ml

Lavera Organic Toothpaste - Basis Sensitive - Classic - 75ml


The Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Toothpaste Classic contains extra Xylitol to ensure targeted removal of dental plaque and therefore helping to prevent tooth decay.

Lavera Organic Toothpaste with Echinacea and Propolis is a fluoride free toothpaste from the Basis Sensitiv range.  

Silicic acid along with Xylitol ensures thorough removal of plaque. Regular brushing of the teeth with an organic toothpaste, reduces the build up of plaque and the production of acids that can damage teeth, protecting against cavities and help guide against enamel erosion. Lavera toothpaste contributes to good oral hygiene, strengthens, protects and soothes teeth and gums. 

Organic Echinacea strengthens teeth and protects gums.
Propolis protects the gums and oral cavity.
Sea salt and minerals for healthy teeth and gums.


  •  Strengthen teeth and gums
  •  Helps prevent cavities
  •  Gently cleans teeth 
  •  Calms Gums
  •  Helps prevent enamel erosion
  •  Prevent build up of tartar

The pH value (7.0) of the toothpaste neutralises acid which damage the teeth and may attack dental enamel.