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Lua Mini Velvet Purse - Cobalt

Lua Mini Velvet Purse - Cobalt


🌟 Velvet Luxury, Ethical Craftsmanship:

Introducing Lua's Velvet Purse, a small treasure ethically crafted in Vietnam. Lua believes in combining style with ethical values, offering you a purse that not only adds a touch of luxury but also carries the pride of responsible manufacturing.


🌈 Chic Contrast with Contrasting Zips:

Lua's Velvet Purse is adorned with chic contrasting zips, providing a contemporary edge to its classic design. The play of colors adds sophistication to this petite accessory, making it a stylish statement for any occasion.


✨ Delightful Beaded Ball Detail:

Unveiling a touch of whimsy and elegance, Lua pays attention to the minutest details. The beaded ball detail on the zip is a delightful addition, ensuring your purse stands out with a unique and eye-catching charm.


📏 Compact Size for Your Essentials:

Measuring a perfectly petite 7cm x 9cm, this purse is designed to be compact yet practical. It's ideal for carrying your essentials with ease, slipping effortlessly into your pocket or bag.


🌍 Ethical Beauty from Vietnam:

Lua takes pride in delivering not just a purse but a piece of ethical beauty from Vietnam. Your choice supports responsible and sustainable craftsmanship, contributing to a brighter and more conscious fashion industry.


Lua's Velvet Purse is a testament to refined style and ethical values. Embrace the luxurious feel of velvet, appreciate the chic contrast of zips, and enjoy the delightful beaded ball detail every time you reach for this petite treasure. It's more than just a purse; it's a statement of elegance with a commitment to a better world.

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