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Tots Bots 'Day to Night' Absorbent Pads

Tots Bots 'Day to Night' Absorbent Pads


These amazing 'day to night' absorbent pads are perfectly designed for your little ones. The pads made with Okeotex certified materials can be used three ways- 1 smaller pad for light wetters, 1 larger pad for medium wetters, and the two combined (small and large) for heavy wetters. Partner with the Peenut waterproof cloth nappy to make a great nappy system.


This set includes 2 Peenut Pads (small and large).



  • The small peenut pad can hold 210ml
  • The big peeNnut pad can hold 270ml
  • Both peenut pads used simultaneously can hold up to 480ml
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