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Janod Farm Magnet Set - 24 piece

Janod Farm Magnet Set - 24 piece


Discover Farmyard Fun with the Janod 24-Piece Farm Magnet Set!


🚜 Explore the Farm:

Introducing the Janod 24-Piece Farm Magnet Set, designed to provide hours of educational and imaginative fun for children aged 2 and up. Immerse your little one in the enchanting world of farms and animals, all while having a blast!


🧲 Wooden Magnets for Play:

These wooden magnets are the perfect tools for interactive learning. Place them on magnetic boards or any other magnetic surface to create your farmyard scenes. Your child will have a blast arranging the animals, structures, and more to form their unique farm stories.


🌿 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

Janod care about the planet and your child's safety. The 24 wooden magnets are made from wood sourced from sustainably managed, FSC®-certified forests. It's a responsible choice that aligns with their commitment to environmental sustainability.


📦 Convenient Storage and Transport:

The set comes in a lovely box with a fabric handle, making it easy for your child to carry their farmyard adventures wherever they go. Plus, it keeps all the magnets neatly organized and ready for playtime.


👧🧒 Suitable for Ages 2 and Up:

This magnet set is tailored to the developmental needs of children from 2 years old and up. It's a fantastic tool to encourage early learning and imaginative play.


🌾 Farmyard Stories Await:

Watch as your child creates their farmyard stories, fostering creativity and enhancing fine motor skills. From barns and animals to tractors and more, the Janod Farm Magnet Set is an invitation to explore the world of farms in a playful and interactive way.


Open the door to the world of farms and animals with the Janod 24-Piece Farm Magnet Set. Let your child's imagination flourish as they arrange and rearrange the magnets to create their farm adventures. It's not just a toy; it's a journey into a world of learning and storytelling.

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