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Lua Striped Velvet Glasses Case - Navy

Lua Striped Velvet Glasses Case - Navy


Lua Ethically Crafted Velvet Glasses Case: A Stylish Haven for Your Eyewear


🌿 Ethical Craftsmanship from Vietnam: Introducing Lua's Velvet Glasses Case, a blend of fashion and ethical values, meticulously crafted in Vietnam. This glasses case is not just an accessory; it's a commitment to conscious and responsible fashion.

🌌 Bands of Navy and Lighter Blue Velvet: Lua's Velvet Glasses Case showcases bands of rich navy and lighter blue velvet, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures. This thoughtful design ensures your glasses are cradled in both style and sophistication.

💖 Contrasting Pink Zip with Beaded Ball Detail: Lua pays attention to every detail, making your glasses case not only functional but also a fashion statement. The contrasting pink zip with a beaded ball detail adds a pop of color and a touch of playfulness to the overall design.

👓 Perfectly Sized for Your Eyewear: With dimensions of 9.5 × 19 cm, this glasses case is perfectly sized to accommodate your eyewear comfortably. It provides a secure and stylish haven for your glasses, ensuring they stay protected in transit.

🌍 Ethical Fashion Choice: Lua is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. By choosing the Velvet Glasses Case, you contribute to a fashion industry that values responsible craftsmanship and supports artisans in Vietnam.

Lua's Velvet Glasses Case is more than just protective storage; it's a stylish accessory that reflects your commitment to ethical choices. Revel in the luxurious feel of velvet, appreciate the thoughtful design, and carry a glasses case that not only shields your eyewear but also carries a story of ethical elegance.

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