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Mosney Mill Children's Apron - Chickens

Mosney Mill Children's Apron - Chickens


Made from fine quality organic cotton and printed using vegetable inks this apron comes with an adjustable neck strap making it suitable for a whide age range.

The lovely chicken design features a repeat pattern of two hens on a duck egg background.

Designed, printed and manufactured in the UK.

Length 70cm x Width 46cm  


Important safety precautions - Children should not sleep in the apron and younger children should never be left unattended whist wearing.


Care instructions from the brand;

To keep your Mosney Mill apron in fine form, we advise you machine wash at 40 degrees. Reshape while still wet and line dry. If you want your apron looking immaculate, iron while still slightly damp. As with all cotton products, the pattern will fade over time, but like well cared for, quality leather boots, we feel your apron will age well. To avoid premature aging, please no not tumble dry.




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