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Namaste Handmade Felt Trivet Mat - Rainbow

Namaste Handmade Felt Trivet Mat - Rainbow


Made from 100% wool felt, these felt mats are perfect for protecting delicate surfaces. Namaste contribute a percentage from all purchases to Child Rescue Nepal.


Size: 21 x 21 x 2.5cm

100% Wool Felt

Handmade in Nepal


Child Rescue Nepal frees children from slavery. There are an estimated 10 million children in the world today who are trapped in slavery or similar practices.

"In Nepal, we estimate that there are almost 100,000 child slaves working in hazardous situations. These children are extremely vulnerable and often suffer from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. We rescue children, keep them safe and reunite them with their families. Child Rescue Nepal has rescued and rehabilitated 750 children but our work is far from over. We want to end child slavery in Nepal and we won’t stop until every child is free".


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