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Respiin Seagrass Mini Bowl Set - Natural

Respiin Seagrass Mini Bowl Set - Natural


Set of three natural nesting bowls, each with a little fabric ReSpiin label.  Hand made responsibly in Bangladesh from natural seagrass; a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable material.  

Wipe clean.  Not suitable for use in very damp environments. 

Approximate size:

Large Bowl - 6.5cm x 15cm diameter
Medium Bowl - 5cm x 13cm diameter
Small Bowl - 4cm x 11.5cm diameter.



Seagrass grows very quickly in shallow saltwater along coastlines and rivers.  Once mature, the grass is cut by hand and dried in the sun, then hand twisted and woven.  Dried seagrass is durable and moisture resistant.

The producer of the baskets in Bangladesh is committed to providing regular employment in a working environment that is safe and hygienic, and they pay a living wage to all employees. 


Not only is seagrass totally natural and sustainable, it is also a renewable and biodegradable material.

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