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Shower Blocks Shower Gel Bars - Various

Shower Blocks Shower Gel Bars - Various


These shower gel bars from Shower Blocks are the perfect alternative to plastic bottles of shower gel. 

Simply rub the bar and some water in your hands to create a rich soapy lather just like shower gel. 

Once you have finished in the shower leave the bar to dry, on a free draining soap dish or a soap rest.

These bars come in a recylable cardboard box, completely plastic free and vegan.

Perfect for travel.

Hand made in the UK using 96% naturally derived ingredients. 

For every block sold, Shower Blocks donates a mini block to someone in need through their partnership with Toiletries Amnesty.

This includes homeless shelters and hostels, foodbanks, refugees, mental health services, NHS Trusts, and hospices who distribute them to the people they help.

Approximately 6.5cm wide x 8.5cm long x 3cm high.

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