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Sodasan Dishwasher Tablets

Sodasan Dishwasher Tablets


Sodasan Dishwasher Tablets gives excellent dish washing results and shine to all your dishes. The composition of the dishwashing tabs includes the oxygen bleaching agent to help with the removal of stains such as tea. The diswashers are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional products. 

For perfect results every time please use the Dishwasher Tabs with the Sodasan Rinse Aid and the Regeneration Salt. 

Clean and Shiny dishes
Excellent grease dissolving and dirt removing action
Fully biodegradable
No optical brighteners
Sugar Surfactants
Fragrance Free
Each tab is individually wrapped
Suitable for septic tanks and reed beds 
Not tested on animals
Certified by Eco cert
Certified by Eco Guarantee
Certified Vegan

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