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Sodasan Oxygen Bleach

Sodasan Oxygen Bleach


Sodasan Oxygen Bleach is an eco friendly laundry stain remover and will help remove stains like red wine and fruit stains. Using the Oxygen Bleach regularly will help prevent the premature greying of white laundry and will help keep whites looking white. Oxygen Bleach can be used with white and colourfast coloured laundry.

No preservatives
No Enzymes
No Chlorine Releasing Bleaching Agents
No optical brighteners
Can be used on fabrics like linen, hemp and blended fabric.
Improves the washing action of the detergent
Use with Laundry Liquid and Washing Powder for a whiter wash
For white or colourfast coloured laundry
To be used at washing temperatures between 40 to 95
Suitable for septic tanks and reed beds 
Can be used in dishwasher to remove bleachable stains like tea
Certified by Ecocert
Certified by Eco Guarantee

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